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Barbie Drug: What Is The ‘Holiday Tan In A Bottle’ About?

You’ve probably heard of a spray tan or sunbed, but have you ever heard about the spray tan that users are snorting up their noses?

Nicknamed the ‘Barbie Drug’ – an illegal nasal spray that has got thousands of Brits hooked, ditching their summer getaways and replacing them with this instead.  

Melanotan 2, otherwise known as the Barbie Drug - is a synthetic drug that works in a similar way to the natural hormone found in our bodies which increases the production of skin-darkening pigments in our skin.

Who Decides Fridays Are Reserved For Weapon Cleaning?

We all know the drill … It’s late Friday morning at around 11:00 am and you’ve just finished Commanding Officer’s PT.

You’re now hanging out of your a**e on the parade square, covered in your own sweat, vomit and tears – all because someone suggested ‘just a few beers in the mess’ the night before.

Rewind; It’s 3:30 am the morning of the PT and you look at your watch and you realise you’ve only got three more hours until you must draw your weapon from the armoury.

Top Ten Post-Covid19 Camping Items & Gear That You Need To Pack

Are you looking forward to a post-pandemic camping trip or stay-cation in the UK and wondered what essential camping equipment you should be taking?

With campsites in England and Wales open from 4th July, and from 15th July for Scotland, now is the best time to start making your camping gear preparations.

Below is a list of 10 items of camping essentials we’d highly recommend that you buy, to make your time living under the stars more comfortable.

Why Is It Called JAK Flask/Brew?

Wherever you may find yourself on the planet, there isn't a situation that cannot be improved by sitting down and sipping on your favourite hot brew.

We at JAK Brew Co. enable you to do just that!

Every single JAK Brew product is designed and built to last - made with your personal needs in mind. More importantly, our products are for those who are serious about outdoor pursuits and still expect the best quality brewing/drinking experience, while reducing or carrying excess weight or gear.

SEAC announces Pay As You Dine to be reviewed

Private catering companies who provide PAYD food services to UK Armed Forces personnel are to be reviewed and will be put under the MoD’s spotlight.

It is thought that this review has been called for after the ever-increasing number of images and videos military personnel are posting online, showing some of the less than appealing food they are being served.

In a blog post announcing the review, the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chiefs of Staff Committee (SEAC), Glenn Haughton OBE said:

“I am very pleased to announce that we have gained agreement from the Ministry of Defence and the single Services to conduct a review of PAYD this year. I will be working closely with a Tiger Team of subject matter experts from the Defence Nutrition Advisory Service and the single Services to carry out the review across the Defence Estate.”