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The UK's #1 Seller Of Drinkware and Outdoor Gear

Here at Jak Brew Co. we pride ourselves in providing you with the best quality drinkware products which add value to your daily needs. We are a Cornwall based business and love the great outdoors...

The Truth About Your Daily Coffee

Did you know that if you purchase just 5 coffees during the working week from your favourite high-street coffee shop, you’re spending approximately £72 per month and £864+ per year?!?! Think what else you could...

British Military Is To End Forcing Recruits To ‘Stag On’

After centuries of fighting wars across the world and lots of soldiers spending millions of hours and sleepless night keeping watch, top brass have finally admitted stagging on is ‘pointless’ and has been a ‘waste of bloody time and morale’ all along.

British Military Afghan Interpreter Needs Your Help

Hi there, my name is Julian Perreira, former Grenadier Guard and JTAC, I served during three operational tours to Afghanistan and retired in 2018. I'm asking you for your support in helping to relocate Ahmed,...

Lockdown Loophole: UK Airport Pubs With Your Mates Allowed

Many of the UK’s airport pubs and restaurants will remain open for business as usual during this second nationwide lockdown.

They are currently permitted to serve you alcoholic beverages and meals if you have a valid check-in ticket and flight booked for that same day.

With many low-cost airlines offering cheaper-than-ever flights out of British airports, you and your friends could legally book a flight (that you have no intention of getting on) for as little as £13.

Royal Navy To Ban Its Sailors From Smoking Tobacco

Navy bosses have warned its sailors that there will be an outright smoking ban introduced to try and curb the number of sailors who still smoke any products containing nicotine or tobacco.

In a recent memo sent out to all ranks within the naval service, they are now being given advanced warning that during 2021 all Royal Navy ships and its land bases are to implement completely smoke-free work sites.

The memo says that following government guidance there will be a total ‘ban on smoking all tobacco products, including combustible and chewing products.’

British Soldier Arrested Wearing Uniform During Whitehall Protest

A Lance Corporal from the British Army has been detained by Royal Military Police during a solo protest in Whitehall London.

In a self-tape video posted online prior to his arrest, shows the Lance Corporal, named as Ahmed - saying that he is unwilling to continue his military service until the UK government stops supporting and supplying munitions used by Saudi Arabia for the war in Yemen.

Why More Men Are Sitting Down To Pee

Men ‘treating’ themselves to a ‘sit down wee’ is nothing new, but it has been proven, that men suffering with prostate problems are better off sitting down when emptying their bladder.

40 Of The Best British Military Insults Ever

Trigger Warning: The article below contains adult language unsuitable for younger audiences - you may get offended by some of the language used below, others will find it hilarious.

Members of the British military are widely known for their colourful use of the English language to describe situations or someone. So, below we have put together some of the favourites.

  1. You’ve got a head like a bag of smashed crabs. 
  1. BUG - Battalion's Ugliest Ginger.
  1. Oxygen Thief.