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Why The Great British Tea & Toast Tradition Should Make A Comeback

Posted by Sam Baggott on
Why The Great British Tea & Toast Tradition Should Make A Comeback

Now who doesn’t like a nice cup of hot tea or coffee to wash down some crunchy toast dripping in lashes of warm butter and caked in copious amounts of jam?

The following short article will reveal why the Great British tradition of tea & toast is good for business and why there should be a nationwide revival in 2022.

A study by the National Food Survey depressingly revealed that there has been a huge reduction in the amount of tea and bread Britons are consuming each week.

The Great British “cuppa” has been rapidly declining since the 1970s, with tea consumption falling from 68g per person per week to just 25g.

With a teabag or portion of loose-leaf tea weighing around 3g, that means Britons are now drinking on average just eight cups of tea a week today, compared with 23 cups in 1974.

It seems the British Armed Forces Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess are the only ones still taking the art of the mid-morning tea making, coffee, toast and condiments and conserves seriously.

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Even the British military’s junior ranks have their version of tea & toast, called the ‘NAAFI (Navy, Army and Airforce Institutes) Break’ – a place on camp or barracks where personnel can buy anything from cheap cigarettes to milk and everything in between.

This is their chance to take a relaxing break from the prying eyes of The Sergeant Major or rambunctious Platoon Sergeant, barking orders during lessons. – while standing around with their hands in their pockets or eating a hot snack and drinking a Jak Brew.

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Some naysayers will declare ‘it’s a waste of time or resources’, but we say it’s good for productivity and most of all morale and good mental health. It is a chance to openly share ideas in an informal environment, not like the board room where ideas are usually stifled or not presented because of the fear of speaking out in front of peers or senior colleagues.

The act of brewing is sufficient time to regather your thoughts and ponder about the next task at hand. This process also provides you the opportunity take a much-needed break away from your screen to rest your eyes, after hours of opening your morning emails.

Therefore, Jak Brew Co. will be leading the charge with our campaign to #BrewBackBetterBritain this year. And what better way to enjoy your hot brew of choice than in one of our enamel mugs.

We envision a Great Britain where everyone can enjoy a daily Jak Brew!

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