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Why Is It Called JAK Flask/Brew?

Posted by Sam Baggott on
Why Is It Called JAK Flask/Brew?

Wherever you may find yourself on the planet, there isn't a situation that cannot be improved by sitting down and sipping on your favourite hot brew.

We at JAK Brew Co. enable you to do just that!

Every single JAK Brew product is designed and built to last - made with your personal needs in mind. More importantly, our products are for those who are serious about outdoor pursuits and still expect the best quality brewing/drinking experience, while reducing or carrying excess weight or gear.

Our products are lightweight and rugged and can be trusted to perform when you need them most.

JAK Brew Co. "Goes Where You'll Go"

 Jak Flask by Jak Brew Co.

What is a JAK Flask?

A 'JAK flask' is the slang term used by the British Armed Forces to describe a personal drinking vessel, with just enough space for one.

Go check out the snippet from the article below that I wrote for British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS), to fully understand the the meaning of the word 'Jak/Jack'.

"9. ‘Jack’ - Workshy or selfish person. For example ‘He's Jack as f***.’"

Our products enable you as an individual to still enjoy a perfect brew while on the move.

Please do check out the products page to find out more.

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