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Top Ten Post-Covid19 Camping Items & Gear That You Need To Pack

Posted by Sam Baggott on
Top Ten Post-Covid19 Camping Items & Gear That You Need To Pack

Are you looking forward to a post-pandemic camping trip or stay-cation in the UK and wondered what essential camping equipment you should be taking?

With campsites in England and Wales open from 4th July, and from 15th July for Scotland, now is the best time to start making your camping gear preparations.

Below is a list of 10 items of camping essentials we’d highly recommend that you buy, to make your time living under the stars more comfortable.

  1. Tent

First on the list is a good tent to keep you dry and cosy for the night - we’d highly recommend you set up your tent before getting drunk. Trying to erect your tent after polishing off a crate of beer never ends well … Although it makes for a great video to share on Facebook.

  1. Vacuum Flask

Everyone loves a good brew, so, second on our list is a good quality vacuum drinks flask.

Jak Flask by Jak Brew Co. is the best outdoor rugged drinks flask available in the UK. It’ll keep your tea or coffee scolding hot for hours. You can buy yours here now.

  1. Cooking Stove

You’re going to need a way to heat your water, so you’ll need a reliable gas stove.

The best quality stove maker out there is Jet Boil, it boils water lighting quick and you’ll have a hot brew made in no time at all.

Jak Brew Co Flask Spork

  1. Spork

Scoff time, for when it is time to eat, ensure that you pack yourself a Spork.

Jak Spork by Jak Brew Co. is a super lightweight and robust eating utensil, made from titanium.

It is a versatile piece of equipment combining a spoon and a fork, meaning you have to carry less gear. Order yours here now.

  1. Sleeping Bag

The best sleeping bags available are feather or down sleeping bags, they keep you adequately warm whatever British weather throws your way.

  1. Sleeping Mat

Keep yourself insulated from the ground with a quality blow-up mat - it will not only keep you off of the cold ground, it will provide you a comfier night’s rest.

  1. LED Head Torch

A very important piece of kit to carry when going for that early hours of the morning pee in the dark – you don’t want to end up back in the wrong tent.

  1. Mosquito Repellent

Getting nailed by those little flying insects is the last thing that you need, a high strength insect repellent containing DEET will keep them at bay.

  1. Day Sack/Backpack

You’ll need a big enough backpack to carry all of your gear, make sure you choose one that has a decent level of comfort, as you do not want to carry a bag that will dig-in or cause unnecessary rubbing/ chaffing of the skin.

  1. Enamel Mug

Jak Brew Co’s Enamel Mug – there’s no better way to enjoy your morning tea or coffee.

These enamel mugs are the real deal! Made the traditional way in Europe and made to last a lifetime.

They can be used over an open fire or gas cooker to heat your morning brew the right way.

If you found this useful, why not go and checkout some of our outdoor camping gear here.

We hope that you have a great camping trip – keep your eyes peeled for our list of 10 of the best UK Campsites.

Whatever you choose to pack, please ensure that you take it home with you and leave the countryside and campsite as you found it.




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