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The Truth About Your Daily Coffee

Posted by Sam Baggott on
The Truth About Your Daily Coffee

Did you know that if you purchase just 5 coffees during the working week from your favourite high-street coffee shop, you’re spending approximately £72 per month and £864+ per year?!?!

Think what else you could be investing that money into…?

Get yourself a quality Jak Brew Co. insulated flask instead - which will keep your brew of choice piping hot for up to 8+ hours! More than long enough to get you through your work day.

These flasks have been designed and built with the British military in mind - rugged enough to withstand the rigours of military life.

Jak Brew Co. Flask


So, we are 100% confident our flask will keep up with your commuting or office lifestyle.

Save yourself hundreds of pounds each year by purchasing a Jak Flask to make your own favourite brew for on the go!

British Soldier Jak Flask

What a perfect way to achieve your New Year 2022 financial goals!

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