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Lockdown Loophole: UK Airport Pubs With Your Mates Allowed

Posted by Julian Perreira on
Lockdown Loophole: UK Airport Pubs With Your Mates Allowed

Many of the UK’s airport pubs and restaurants will remain open for business as usual during this second nationwide lockdown.

They are currently permitted to serve you alcoholic beverages and meals if you have a valid check-in ticket and flight booked for that same day.

With many low-cost airlines offering cheaper-than-ever flights out of British airports, you and your friends could legally book a flight (that you have no intention of getting on) for as little as £13.

This means that for the price of less than TWO pints of beer (in some London bars), you could book yourself a flight and meet up with mates at your nearest airport terminal for a bit of a booze up.

Ryanair is offering flights from Stansted Airport to Vienna for less than £20.

Heathrow Airport is allowing takeaway food and alcohol to be enjoyed in its many restaurants or fancy departure lounges.

A Heathrow spokesperson said:

“The small number of essential retailers and food and beverage outlets that remain open at Heathrow are permitted by the regulation and operating within Government guidelines. The current lockdown has seen all other non-essential outlets close. For those passengers having to undergo essential travel during this time, takeaway food and drink (including alcohol) is available for passengers to pre-order and collect outside the outlet’s premises, in line with the guidelines.

“Any alcohol purchased from duty-free retailers cannot be consumed at the airport and will be placed into a sealed bag, as is always the case.”

Anyway, go pack your suitcase and thank us later! … enjoy your weekend and never say we don’t do anything for you.


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