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Jak Brew Co. To Launch CBD Infused Ground Coffee

Posted by Sam Baggott on
Jak Brew Co. To Launch CBD Infused Ground Coffee

Jak Brew Co. is set to launch a range of CBD products, including CBD infused coffee.

The latest range of products will be made available from next month online from the Jak Brew Co. store and also a number of retail outlets across the United Kingdom.

All of our CBD Infused Ground Coffee is made with single origin Columbian beans.

We can proudly say that our 100% natural Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica beans are medium roasted and delicately infused with only the highest quality CBD, providing you heightened caffeine alertness, but without the jitters. 

Each pack contains 100g of ground coffee that has been delicately infused with 100mg of hemp-derived CBD carried in MCT coconut oil. 

The coffee flavour profile has a distinctly rich aroma of toffee and walnuts, finishing with a hint of citrus zest.

This delicious tasting coffee provides you the perfect way to incorporate CBD oil into your normal daily routine.

Here at Jak Brew Co. we pride ourselves in sourcing only the highest quality Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee that has been ethically produced and also Fair Trade. Our coffee is also 100% natural, THC Free and suitable for vegans.


  • 100mg Hemp-derived CBD (*Cannabidiol)
  • 100g Roasted Ground Arabica Coffee Beans
  • 900mg MCT Coconut Oil 

All of our coffee products are free from:

  • Glucose
  • Lactose
  • Nasty Chemicals

All Jak Brew Co. CBD products are lab tested to ensure our products are free from any nasties (heavy metals, molds & mycotoxins), residual solvents & pesticides. Most importantly lab-tested for your safety and to ensure THC free (*non-detectable levels of THC - defined as less than 0.01%).




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