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Firefighters tackling Truro wildfire Cornwall

Firefighters tackling Truro wildfire Cornwall

Dozens of personnel from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service are tackling a wildfire close to Truro City Centre.

More than 40 firefighters are tackling the blaze which has been spreading in Boscawen Park, Malpas, since 11 am today.

A spokes person from Truro Fire and Rescue Service said: "Cornwall Fire and Rescue remain on scene at this incident. This is a wildfire involving pine trees, grass fire and mixed high and low vegetation.

"Crews are working under extreme heat and uneven surfaces to contain and extinguish the fire. Hose reel jets and beaters are in use.

"In total, there are 7 Appliances, 1 Water Carrier, 2 Officers, 1 Incident Command Unit and 1 Light Vehicle on scene, with the total number of crew members in attendance exceeding 40."

Further updates coming soon.

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