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British Military Afghan Interpreter Needs Your Help

Posted by Sam Baggott on
British Military Afghan Interpreter Needs Your Help

Hi there, my name is Julian Perreira, former Grenadier Guard and JTAC, I served during three operational tours to Afghanistan and retired in 2018.

I'm asking you for your support in helping to relocate Ahmed, a father, with a wife and two young children, who are all at immediate and serious risk of reprisal from armed insurgent groups in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Interpreter British Military


The Times Newspaper reported that Ahmed and his family were “absolutely happy” to be accepted for relocation this week but they were struggling to raise the $600 needed for passports and documents required to relocate to safety.

Announcing the new scheme to accept interpreters irrespective of time served and duties carried out, UK Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace said: “As we withdraw our armed forces, it is only right we accelerate the relocation of those who may be at risk of reprisals.”

However, there is a $600 financial barrier that will prevent many eligible interpreters from ever being able to afford the costs involved with getting to safety.

Speaking with The Times Defence Editor, Larisa Brown. Ahmad, who is struggling to afford the documents, said: “We are jobless, there is no work, and everywhere there is fighting. At the moment I do not have enough money to prepare the documents.”

As NATO reduces its numbers in Afghanistan, many of the locally employed civilians and interpreters have received death threats for working alongside the British Armed Forces there. Some have already sadly lost their lives.

Whatever your political persuasion, there is no denying, we owe these men and women a huge debt for making our jobs easier and safer. They will have undoubtedly directly contributed to saving many British lives in Helmand Province.

It’s only right that they receive our support in their hour of need. As many of you won’t need reminding, myself and others witnessed some of the heroic work that they carried out, keeping ISAF forces safe during their tour.

During the early tours especially, I personally witnessed on many occasions, interpreters picking up rifles and helping to defend isolated British outposts, including helping to CASEVAC injured personnel.

Please could you help donate, so that we can support more of these interpreters who put themselves in harm’s way to support British men and women serving there.

Every penny over the $600 amount raised will go directly towards the costs involved with helping Ahmed and other interpreters eligible for relocation.


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