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GEN: We Pay To Hear Your Dits

Posted by Sam Baggott on

Got any spicy UK military or defence related news stories that you would like us to investigate or report?! The founder of Jak Brew Co. Gen News is former UK Armed Forces now turned journalist,...

Is This British Village The Real 51st American State?

Posted by Sam Baggott on
RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath located in Suffolk are home to the United States Air Force (USAF) and other American special forces units.

The surrounding market town of Mildenhall and the village of Beck Row are in close proximity to both USAF bases - home to around 12 thousand American military and many of their dependants since the 1950s.

PAX Insurance Providing Free Counselling Service For PTSD

Posted by Sam Baggott on

If you have ever held a PAX Insurance policy at any time and now suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a free counselling service is available to you. You are not required to have a...

Giant swastika painted onto side of British soldier’s accommodation

Posted by Sam Baggott on

A large swastika spray painted inside a British Army base during Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 is being investigated. British Royal Military Police are now investigating where the incident happened, at an army base in Suffolk. ...

Why The Great British Tea & Toast Tradition Should Make A Comeback

Posted by Sam Baggott on

Now who doesn’t like a nice cup of hot tea or coffee to wash down some crunchy toast dripping in lashes of warm butter and caked in copious amounts of jam? The following short article...

Jak Brew Co. To Launch CBD Infused Ground Coffee

Posted by Sam Baggott on

Jak Brew Co. is set to launch a range of CBD products, including CBD infused coffee. The latest range of products will be made available from next month online from the Jak Brew Co. store...

MoD Announces Privates On Parade Are Not Performing

Posted by Sam Baggott on

Official figures released by the Ministry of Defence shows that members of the British Armed Forces are now routinely being issued with the sex enhancing drug Viagra. A freedom of information request has revealed that...

The UK's #1 Seller Of Drinkware and Outdoor Gear

Posted by Sam Baggott on

Here at Jak Brew Co. we pride ourselves in providing you with the best quality drinkware products which add value to your daily needs. We are a Cornwall based business and love the great outdoors...

The Truth About Your Daily Coffee

Posted by Sam Baggott on

Did you know that if you purchase just 5 coffees during the working week from your favourite high-street coffee shop, you’re spending approximately £72 per month and £864+ per year?!?! Think what else you could...